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Sunday, November 8, 2009

  When Wrong Is Right!

Men long to be with Estella because she never allows one to marry her. She lives up the street with a small dog that barks at every passersby, but louder than her dog's bark is Estella resounding laugh from inside her living room.

Estella does not own a husband, but she enjoys the visit of her guy friends, who come and go all day, bringing her flowers and providing her their housekeeping services, fixing this and that for her, offering her legal counsels, sharing their own problems with their wife and kids with her.

She has a way to carry herself that makes all of these males to wish for her, but do not think it correct to take liberty with her. I suspect that each and everyone of these men often dream to exchange all that they have accumulated in their grown up years: career, status, money, even their family, to be with her for the rest of their life. Only Estella does not allow the trap to come down on her. She often tells me: "Husband and kids are the punishment God sent to Eve's descendants. Love is the disguise of that bottle of poison each married woman mistakes for the fermented wine of happiness. I prefer a dog's faithful companionship to the bondage with a man. But it takes courage to digress from the path well trodden, I reckon."

The logic of Estella is like a fool's logic. It defies the norm, but its contrary simplicity seems eerily reasonable that I often query my own sanity for not perceiving the truth in Estella's wisdom. It maybe too late for me, but I can still save my daughter from the pain of slavery. Should I act on it?
HMy, your friend, Estella's logic is very temptingly attractive, but I wouldn't go as far as involving your daughter's future with it. Ahh, kids these days, you never know, she may have her man does all the housework for her and wouldn't have to lift a finger. lol. It's only our own generation w/the upbringing half East-half West that are so caught between the guilty and the yearning for equality in our own household. Ahh...we poor unfortunate souls... TN

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