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Friday, November 6, 2009

  She Spins a Web of Death

From the tone of Sarah's voice, she knows she has to drop everything and run. It is one of those unique moments a mother has to connect, or to instruct, or to salvage. A wise mother knows per her instinct that moment, and cannot choose to ignore her calling. She has no other choice, but to heed it, if she is wise.

Sarah said excitedly: "It's a spider, you need to kill it, a black widow."

Her daughter knows she is the only one in the house who can kill, who has no mercy. For the sake of her children, for the order of the household, it is necessary that someone know how to exterminate. She does not mind to crush, to spray, to poison. To be an effective mother, she has to be heartless, inflexible, practical, and at the same time, loving, adaptable, full of fantasies. She is now ready to kill. But as she bends down with her house slipper ready to strike, Sarah crouches on the floor and exclaims: "Watch! The spider is attacking a pincher bug. Mom! It's scientific. Let's see what happens. "

Both of them sit on the floor observing the killing ritual. The black spider is frantically battling a pincher bug, using all her eight legs. Already, she has wrapped half of the earwig in a sort of white cocoon, while the remaining torso of her prey is writhing, trying hard to free himself.

She agreed with Sarah that it is indeed a rare scientific moment for both of them. At length, Sarah gets up and declares convincingly: "The spider wins the battle. But she is resting now, with all her legs spread out. The pincher bug is dead."

Her mom had left the morose scene, but now returns to verify her daughter's observation. Both insects are immobile, suspended in a fragile web. They both looked lifeless.

That's war ... two enemies entangled in the web of Death, sharing the same fate.

"It's also a life lesson, Sarah!" Her mother murmurs pensively.

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