One Hundred Words A Day
Monday, November 2, 2009

  The Agonizing Moment of the Lost Words

 She is a poet but now she agonizes for words
She types and types but only the letters appear but not the words
Alphabets without substance, devoid of meanings
absence of images, mute of sounds
Where are the words that convey?

She is writing but fails to tell a story
Her words crawl like ants on this screen, searching for meaning in the pot of honey
In the beginning the words are created to differentiate men from beast
but the beats retain their hearts while men lost themselves in words cry miserably

She constructs from the crumpled words
from the dust of the caves full of cuneiforms
Her images are the worms of the earth tilting its soil,
In the end she has written ... she has weathered her storms.

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