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Friday, October 30, 2009

  Boo ...hoo

The Halloween parade dragged on endlessly, from one schoolyard to another, passing scores of parents, some with their camera clicking non-stop, others following the procession through their video recorder screen. The kids' smiles were frozen on their impassive face, faces that resembled more to masks, masks that no longer attracted any attention.

The initial fun to be someone else, someone glamorous either by their beauty, or their deed, or their ugliness, or their meanness, that fun, was no longer there, dragging on too long until it became an endurance contest. For some time now the kids wanted to get rid of their artificial smiles, to take off their costumes and masks, to return to their foursquare and jump ropes, and wall balls, and tether balls.

Tigger lurked in and out of the lines of kids and "Boo" them. Inside Tigger was the PE teacher. He did not notice the boredom on the kids' faces. He was having so much fun pounding and bouncing, feeling himself again a little kid.

When he landed in front of Snow White for a third time, and "boo" her louder than the last two times, Snow White no longer flashed her smile back to encourage his playfulness, but "Boohoo" aloud. Soon, the whole procession of kindergartners were "boohooing" all the way back to their classroom, with Tigger trailing behind, his tail in his hand, stupefied and puzzled.

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