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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

  Trick Comes A-knocking at Your Door

"They'll come in mob," described the cousins who were here before us,
"They'll rattle your doorknob, and demand to come in,
They'll say trick, and will ask for treats,
or they'll tear down your house, and all your little chin chin."

So on our first Halloween night in the United States
Our fear was so great of this terrible fete,
We shut down all the house lights, and hunkered down, mute
and our anxiety mounted as the hours turned late.

Then we heard them mob, coming down the street,
the sound of footsteps that we feared to meet,
the sound of laughter reminded us the tricks
so we kept still, stiller than our shadows, watching them in sheets.

Those little goblins, mingled with princesses
Only little children, door to door progress
the incessant barks transferred from house to house
Confused us, tricked us in such fearful mess.

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