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Sunday, November 1, 2009

  Two Brothers

The brothers speak to each other once a week.  Tom usually calls while driving back home from work to catch his brother in his bedroom watching Simpson.  Tom knows he should not interrupt Phil's favorite show, but he interrupts his brother anyway.  He has no other choice.  If he does not call during the time he commutes, he'd never call.  There would be no time for any relaxing conversation once he gets home and switches gear to immerse in the role of father and husband.  And vice versa, Phil would be asleep by then, and to interrupt his slumber would be an anathema. 

There is never much development in the brothers' conversation.  Tom always opens the first line inquiring about Phil's state of health, to which Phil politely replies: "I'm fine.  Then ...."

Tom: "Nothing much happens at my end.  How's Linda?"  Linda is Phil's wife.

Phil: "She's fine.  Anything else?"  This is the cue for Tom to cut short the conversation.  In the background, he can hear Marge's voice asking Bart Simpson where his father has gone.  He does not understand Phil's taste, what's so good about The Simpson that a person like Phil, who is always pressed for time and impatient to move on to his next social engagement, to dedicate an hour each day in front of his screen following the development of the episodes.

Tom asks his brother: "What did you send Cousin Arthur for the birth of his firstborn?"

Phil gets irritating at his brother: "Why should I send something, he does not need anything from me.  He can afford it himself."

Tom: "It's supposed to be a gift, Phil.  Nobody needs a gift, you give because you care.  It's the thought that counts."

Phil: "Well, I thought of Arthur's son.  He's a healthy baby."

Tom: "I can't walk in your shoes, Phil.  But anyway, give my regards to Linda and the kids.  I'm home.  Talk to you later."

Phil: "Bye Tom.  By the way, if you need a blender, I just bought a fantastic one.  I'll lend it to you for a few days.  It is one of the best, they said.  Bye, I've got to go."

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