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Sunday, October 4, 2009

  All Writers are Readers

To write well, a writer ought to read well.  Reading, to one who creates and interprets through the medium of the words, is feeding oneself, in order to to nurture one's creativity, in order to see what one did not yet meet, to expand one's limited experience to include the many worlds of other lives.  Reading widely is traveling across the dimensionless time, to return to a place no longer existed, to skip many lifespans and taste the mysterious future where only imagination can touch, to rediscover the bygone days and uncover the years to come.  Absorbed in a book, one becomes another being, whether it is a human with similar features and ranges of emotions, or another life form, completely foreign yet now lives inside oneself. 

I write, therefore I read.  So you read, therefore you will write.  Meanwhile, enjoy this book from the masterful writer P. G. Wodehouse. 


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