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Thursday, October 1, 2009

  The Details

Pay attention to the detail is her new mantra as a writer.  Years ago, as a Chemical Engineering student, she received similar instructions from her Transfer Series teacher, Dr Ng., worded just a bit different: "Stick to your fundamentals,"  meaning whatever she does, her calculations need to reflect the principle of conservation of mass and energy.  She ponders deeply on this connections between two completely separate fields of study, the New Harmony strikes her as interesting.  As the writer pens creatively the description of her new heroine, she remembers to methodically apply the basic elements of a good character development, appreciative for her new knowledge.  She sketches her heroine carefully, blending meticulously the physical descriptions of her protagonist to her personality.  As she progresses systematically, zooming in her camera to the erotic part of the woman's body, she pauses at the detail: "Her 36C figure arches backward as she proceeds to the next calisthenic exercise.  He swallows hard, entranced by her extraordinary beauty which is not for him alone, but available to all, a lily in the field ..."  She smiles contently at the turn of her thought, and elbows her fellow writer, another woman in her late forties, who, so absorbed in her own writing exercises, does not notice the tiny jab.

"Do you know the equivalence of 36D in men size ?"  She solicits at a higher volume, this time tapping gently on her friend's writing pad.

"I beg your pardon?"  The writer shakes off her trance, still bewitched, lost to her friend's practical investigation.

"How do you describe accurately a man... there, his measurement?"

"Well, best I can think of is using his underwear size, 32 as fit, 36 or above as fat, and 42 and beyond for fast-ballooning."  Jokes the lady, amused.

"Not that, that's not what I mean.  That's too general, the term more apt for the masculine waist line, not prĂ©cising his, what's the term... cup, perhaps?"

"Be creative and suggestive.  That's all I can think of.  Just don't overkill it.  Don't tell them.  Show them.  Don't forget that in your hunt for details."

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