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Monday, September 24, 2012

  To the Periods

To the period: like a door in your face
A slam, a bam that says, “No more, I’ve had enough.”
On this side I catch my breath,
thankful for the barrier.

To the comma with possibilities,
Who slows me down for longer runs
Who clarifies who’s first, second, and last
Who’s doing what, when chaos seems abound.

To the semi colon; one more chance
whose ambivalence gives thought to life
status to the experts
competition to periods and commas.

To the question mark, curling there pregnant with demands,
Need you ask?
You know…life has no answer
The bottom drops off when one thinks one knows.

To the ellipses, like you
I hesitate,
Suspended…dangled mid-sentence
between right and wrong.

To the exclamation point,
Let your feeling out!

To the colon:
Here is my list,
and my quotation.
Your polite, yielding nature makes things easy between us.

To the brackets
Not sure if I should nail you to a door
To be used as hinges
Instead of separation for major explanations, or filling in words assumed to be correct.

To the parenthesis
A pout or a smile, which one are you?
Both (an inseparable pair),
you said?

Dashes, you also
Are walls for inserts, for listing too?  Amazing!
Really…you are m-dash, and she is n-dash, better named as a hyphen
Oh…you unite, hook up two words, and makes them one, like pseudo-legitimate.
You aren’t related.  How should I know!

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