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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Communism is an illusion
Illusion of sacrifice
Illusion of common good
Illusion  of contribution
Of patriotic vision.

Communism suggests then … a union
of properties.  Party owned, while billions
toiled … while roars that lion
“more, more” We are never done!

It always moves on … to newer slogans
Larger than life are banners where splashed words of passions
For games that’ve gone stale, it proclaims “reconstruction” (ĐổI MớI)
like strong magnets, it attracts.  And under its magnets, electrocution.

Communism: a regime that paints well
The picture of a humanity in perfect commonwealth
It elevates the soul of parched individuals, for something beyond, unseen

Then to them who aspired toll the bells.

In remembrance of Black April

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