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Friday, October 16, 2009

  A Life Extinguished, a Free Soul.

Tonight I'm thinking of a young man named N. and his family, grieving. I am not sure whether to mention his name, to preserve his privacy. Does one still care about one's privacy in this world once departed from it? Because, today, is N.'s last day on earth. His last blog was dated October 5, 2009, in which he promised to return and tell us about the details of his recent trip to India to seek spiritual guidance, help, and perhaps, to visit the place where his parents were born for the last time.

Where are you now, N., free from all suffering, free from your torturous body, free from the pain to be the center of the unspeakable agony of your parents, yet not knowing how to relieve them from it, but to continue being their valiant fighter until the end, when the last option is in God's hand?

What you have set out to achieve you have succeeded: to spread the message of hope, hope until the last minute; the message of sacrifice, give until there is nothing left to give as your parents had done in twenty four years; the message of self-discovery, ponder and examine one's motives and capabilities until one's soul finally takes wings and soars.

We pray for your loved ones tonight, that their memory of you will keep them moving forward, so that they continue their journey of hope, sacrifice, and self-discovery, until your reunification in a lasting world.

When we meet again, we will want to hear about your trip to India.

Farewell, N.

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