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Sunday, January 23, 2011

  The tip of the iceberg

Dear Rich,

I found this on the net, one of thousands audio books archived by volunteers and made available on the internet to any listener longing for some meaningful sounds.
You can spend your whole lifetime here
.  No, Rich, my friend, the underlined words are not the title of a book.  In this age, it means it's "clickable," meaning when you click on the words with your mouse (yes, that rectangular area below your laptop keyboard that you've been mistaking as a dried out ink pad; or that flatten football sitting next to your PC keyboard that you thought is your wife's makeup case, and did not dare touch it.  No, it's not the poor little creature chased by your cat), a new web page will open for you.

So click on it, my friend, don't fear.  You are about to encounter some great literatures, those masterpieces that you thought that cheese-head mouse had chewed all up during your sleep.

Tonight, I am spending my time on "The Wind in the Willows."  What are you choosing, Rich?  Or are you too stunt to proceed, poor friend?  We can share the same book, if you do not think too poorly of my taste.  All you need to do is to click--yes, not push-- on that little triangle, like the "play" symbol on your familiar cassette player.  There you go.  You see, it does not explode, my friend.

Your writing friend, Hong-My


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